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The Team

We worked with an incredible team on a seven day straight shoot, on set over 14 hours a day to make this film a reality. We are forever indebted to the dedication and effort they all put into to make our filming nightmares come true! 

The monsters, performers, crew and artists are our chosen family.




Beck+Col are a Los Angeles artist duo.

They create alternate universes that are populated by monsters, spawning a counter mythology and queering of existing norms. 

Their work questions individualism, highlighting the effects of atomization and in contrast, the power of community. 


They work primarily in the horror genre. The act of watching Horror cinema is a communal experience, with everyone collectively reacting to the spectacle of violence. The representation of violence provokes an embodied response in the viewer, prompting a shared experience of becoming monster themselves.

Beck+Col wrote, directed and starred in the film. Red Night is their film debut.

They leaned heavily on the guidance and expertise of their creative producer and assistant director Mel. 


Mel Sangyi Zhao

Creative Producer

Mel Sangyi Zhao is a Chinese director/producer based in LA. Born and raised in China, she traveled through Europe before pursuing an MFA in Film Directing at the California Institute of the Arts. She likes to think of herself as a world citizen.

She is passionate about telling the story of sexuality and societal isolation from a female perspective. In 2021, the script of her short film, Return to Youth, made it to the semi-final in the Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival’s short screenplay competition. Her alternative horror, Last Days in North Hollywood, was selected for the CalArts Film School showcase. In 2022, she was invited to contribute a video art piece to High As Sky art show, funded by the city of West Hollywood.

Screenshot 2023-03-13 at 1.30.56 PM.jpeg

Marco Yizhou Zhang

Director of Photography


The “final monster”.

Goes off on a journey of self discovery only to come to home to find themselves caught in a murderous rampage.

They’re clever and intuitive with a survivalist background. Would do anything to help their friends.

Has an older sibling like relationship to the group, supportive and encouraging, never runs out of patience. 

Has a chronic back injury. They’re often stretching to relieve tension.

Curious and attentive, nothing gets by them.

A little stiff compared to the others, last to get on the dance floor.

Don’t sneak up on them! They’re a little jumpy! They admire and are deeply close with Ash.

A somewhat aloof but graceful monster who enjoys a nice boogie. 

A good friend but seems to hear and dance to music no one else perceives.

The youngest of the bunch, they have a lot to learn but make up for it in effort. 

That doesn’t stop their rambunctious nature from coming out from time to time! Kind of a klutz! Always bumps into the table in the dining room and is slipping.

An alien outsider hell bent on viciously murdering any monster that separates from the rest.

He is seemingly indestructible though not invincible. He is stronger against an individual than a group.


A film by 



Creative Producer

Mel Sangyi Zhao


Director of Photography

Marco Yizhou Zhang


Dance Choreography

Tetiana Sklyarova


Costume by Beck+Col


Music by Beck+Col


Jess                                 Tetiana Sklyarova

Elle                                  Adrienne Lauren

Sid                                   Kayla Aguila

Sal                                   Shelley Bloom

Ash                                  Beck Stafford

The Smile                      Collin Stafford


Directors                         Beck+Col

Assistant Director          Mel Sangyi Zhou

Assistant Camera          Siyan Qin

“B” Camera operator     Siyan Qin

                                          Zoe J Lee

                                          Anthony D’eredita

Boom Operator              Siyuan Liu

Gaffer                               Zoe J Lee

                                          Anthony D’eredita

Grip                                   Sam Tan


Special Effects Supervisor      Beck+Col

Special Effects Operator         Tetiana Sklyarova

Assistant costume sewer       Shelley Bloom

                                                    Dallas Havoc

                                                    Lucinda Trask

Set design                                 Beck+Col

Dance Choreography             Tetiana Sklyarova

Fight Choreography                Collin Stafford


Editor                                          Beck+Col

Sound Designer                       Chengqing Zhu

Re-recording mixer                 Aidan Reynolds

Colorist                                      Jack Tashdjian



End credit song  “Everybody’s Birthday”

                           Written by Hana Vu

                           Performed by Hana Vu

                  Courtesy of Ghostly International

Thank you

Special Thanks

Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions

Los Angeles Performance Practice

Lauren Powell

Trulee Hall

Tiffany Naiman

Thaine Morris

Sydney Mills

David Whaley Foundation

Alfonso’s Breakaway Glass

P&R Stunt Designs


Red Night was made possible with the support of

Meldia Yesayan

Olivia Mole

Karina Gazizova

Jeannie Hua

Patricia Garza


Jacci Den Hartog


Carrie Ohm


Dave and Mary Coyne

Madeline Falcone

Eric Ackermann

Michael Ned Holte

Aurora Tang

Karlis Bergs

Sue Yank

Lucy Kerr

Vardui Sharapkhanyan

Morgan Ogilvie

Marnie Weber

Juan Silverio

Alexandra Kory

Shannon Rice

Silvi Naci

Daniela Lieja Quintanar

Natalie Bledsoe

Lucy Bledsoe

Sierra Pollock

Josh Claros

Audrey Densmore

Bryan Konietzko

Carmina Escobar

Gabriella Padilla

Andrew Siedenberg

Adam Grace

Amy Jackson

Drew Pittock

Doug Boney

Shirley Tse

Ellen Schafer

Kira Doutt

Nik O’Hara

Woohee Cho

Michael Slenske

Sean Mereditch

Asuka Hisa

Luke Harnden

Coffee Kang

Evyan Sloane

Jinseok Choi

Dominic Quagliozzi

Josh Cloud

Edgar Miramontes

Liz Ford

Elizabeth Dietz

Josh Casey

Christopher Hughes

Jamie Kim

Gregory Ross

Alice Könitz

Alicia Piller

Pau Pescador

Vanessa Holyoak

Dana Eitches

Shimon Klinger

Todd Dejong

Kelly Wall

Dominga Opazo

John Jeremy

Yvonne La

Henry OuYang

Patrick Vigeant

Wendy Kveck

Karin Lanzoni

Diego Barrientos

Christopher Mariño

Rich Middlen

Lisa Wedgeworth

Mason Rothschild

LA Art Documents

Hunter Burgan

Lindsey Dole

Heeyon Chang

Matthew Walton

Benjamin Gray

stephanie mei huang

Asher Hartman

Thomas Lawson

Casey Baden

Ian Byers-Gamber


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